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  • Each Chocolate Chip Cookie contains 80mg THC
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Buy Sweet Danks Chocolate Chip Cookie Online

SWEET DANKS – Chocolate Chip Cookie 80MG THC

Time to reach in the cookie jar, Sweet Danks Chocolate Chip Cookie really is a treat!
Can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookie, the easiest snack and go to dessert. 80 MG THC will give you a good relaxation and buzz. Saves you the time and energy from smoking. Share them with your friends, have it as a snack, break it apart and add it into your ice cream!

Product Consumption: For cutting, cut into equal pies. Portion your bites instead of eating the entire cookie all at once. Allow 40-60 minutes for full effect. Adjust doses as needed.

Ingredients: Flour, coconut oil, sugar, hydrogenated palm oil, coco powder, soya lecithin, brown sugar, water, ground flax, seed, whole liquid eggs, soluble dietary fiber, grape juice, rice syrup, carrot fibre, salt, baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, natural flavour, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

Active Ingredients: Cannabis extract

Buy Sweet Danks Chocolate Chip Cookie Online

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