Buy Vandcity Landrace Green Congolese


Buy Vandcity Landrace Green Congolese Marijuana

Introducing the Landrace Green Congolese with its roots straight from Africa (Green Congolese) this exotic 100% organic Sativa is truly extraordinary.

Grown in small craft batches in BC these rare Vancity Green Congolese flowers are impeccable. The core essence of what makes Vancity Landrace Green Congolese such an unique strain is that it gives an exceptional energizing experience. Offering a bright focused cerebral high that inspires creativity and activity, Therefore, this is the ideal stain for any Sativa connoisseur.

Perfect for daytime use with a guarantee to elevate and keep you going without burnout., thus, Vancity Congolese being exotic, has a complex profile of strong spicy deep citrus flavors which makes it a special treat to taste. With its powerfully uplifting properties. This flower cultivated by Kindle Bloom is the number one choice for anyone interests in a strain to motivate, enliven and invigorate. Therefore, Buy Vandcity Landrace Green Congolese Marijuana

A great medicine for fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety and uses as an aphrodisiac.

These strains only sells in 1/8ths in order to allow everyone to try some. These are extremely limited run drops with low re-stock dates due to the nature of the growing. We have more high CBD strains coming soon from us. You ask for them, we deliver. Enjoy friends!

Buy Vandcity Landrace Green Congolese Marijuana

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